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Could balding be bad for you? A recent study revealed that patients with prostate cancer were twice as likely to have hair loss in their 20’s, due to androgens, that are hormones in the testosterone. Baldness risks While testosterone makes men, men and has many benefits, there is a dark side, e... Read More
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Still struggling with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Snowed or iced in and can’t get to the gym? I will share with you tips that require little effort. These are taken from an article I wrote for Sillk Purse Women and apply to men as well. You can read it here or on their website Ten... Read More
Is a trans fat the same as an Omega 3 fat? No, therefore an altered, synthetic hormone is not the same as a bioidentical hormone which is the same chemical structure found in your body. Each has its risks and benefits and to treat them equally is erroneous thinking. All are not created equal yet a w... Read More
A healthier you If you are feeling down and unmotivated, get moving! Feeling good is a complex psychological, physical and hormonal balance. Getting your heart pumping blood to your brain releases feel good hormones and along with weight loss, more oxygen, toned muscles you look AND feel better. O... Read More
What’s fishy about your fish oil? The standard bottles boast over 2,000 mg in a capsule. However when your read the fine print, the part of the oil that has the benefits of decreasing inflammation, lowering cholesterol and preventing clotting and other health benefits are the eicosapentaenoic acid... Read More
Probiotics are powerful workhorses in your gut, especially for modulating your immune system. Your intestines have 10 times as many microbial organisms as there are cells in the human body. The juncture between your small and large bowel has over 500 different species of bacteria for a total of abou... Read More
Could Vitamin D be the best defense against colds, flu and other infections? Colds and flu abound in winter when Vitamin D levels are the lowest. I had the privilege of attending a lecture on one of the world’s experts on Vitamin D, Dr. Michael Holick and he confirmed a lot of what I have been rea... Read More
Stress suppresses our immune system and can have a major impact on our susceptibility to many illnesses, especially infection such as the cold and flu. Many studies and over 20 years of research find that psychological factors are associated with increased risk of developing respiratory illness if e... Read More
The battle of the bulge begins anew in the New Year. Lines to fitness centers are long and diet fads abound as people try to stick to their New Year’s resolution to loose weight. While lowering your calories and exercise is the tried and true method, many want a quick fix and seek something that w... Read More