Healthy Aging Articles

Americans love their burgers. How about pink slime and ammonia? I can’t get the image out of my mind when Jaime Oliver, a chef and food revolutionary, took all of the trimmings from a butchered cow that would normally be turned into dog food, sanitized it with ammonia, and made “pink slime” wh... Read More
Is your love of coffee hard on your heart? And do you wonder if drinking it is helpful or hurtful? I love coffee and I love tea and want to share with you the good news that coffee, in moderation, can actually benefit your health.  Tea and coffee, the most popular beverages in the world, have been ... Read More
Do you want to reboot your system and eliminate bloating, excess weight and sluggishness? If so, you need to give your system a rest from digesting processed and toxic foods and nourish your liver and gastrointestinal tract. The result will be newfound energy and clarity. Just like you weed, seed, f... Read More
News flash! You can safely get rid of your hot flashes! Estrogen is not so bad after all. A study in JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association April 2011 found that estrogen alone had a reduced risk of breast cancer and their risk of stroke declined after stopping the medication. There is ... Read More
Coenzyme Q 10, otherwise known as CoQ10 or ubiquinone is an important nutrient for energy production and is a potent antioxidant that guards against oxidation of lipids. It resides in the membrane of the mitochondria of every cell in your body. Your mitochondria are like furnaces that burn fuel and ... Read More
Is honey a wonderfood that can be eaten without guilt because of its health benefits? Since so many of my patients have sweet tooths and I am always asked about alternatives to sugar, I decided to do a quick literature search on the medicinal uses of honey. The use of honey as an antibacterial us... Read More
Protein Whey Recall The protein powders you are taking to stay healthy may be making you sick. Whey protein powders manufactured by Vitalabs under various names were voluntarily recalled due to potential contamination with Salmonella. This was announced by the FDA on March 10, 2011. I continually ... Read More
Damaged nuclear reactors in Japan have set off worldwide concerns over radiation exposure, especially if you live downwind from surrounding areas or near nuclear plants. Potassium iodide, known to protect against thyroid cancer is now in short supply. Thyroid cancer rates have been reported to incre... Read More
Want to turn that spare tire into a six -pack? While I am a proponent of the tried and true, natural approach to a slow and steady weight loss using a healthy diet, portion control and exercise, sometimes it takes a long time and people get discouraged. Stubborn fat around the midline is one of the ... Read More