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For a long time, an aspirin a day has been recommended to prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. My patients ask me all of the time if they should be taking it. Several years ago, I would have said yes, however there are some people who are at increased risk of stroke and bleed... Read More
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When it comes to exercise, do you have a hard time finding the time or get stopped by lack of equipment or desire to join a gym? Can you find 7 minutes in your schedule? Just imagine that in only 7 minutes you can get all of the benefits of a long aerobic and resistance training workout without ... Read More
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Some women experience symptoms of PMS during adolescence. They complain of bloating, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, tender breasts and may have heavy bleeding and cramps. This can be due to too much estrogen in relationship to progesterone. It takes a while for the ov... Read More
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Imagine the shock of a weight loss expert gaining weight. It can happen to anyone and the answer is always getting to the root cause and recommiting. Don’t judge, berate or punish yourself with negative self talk. It only serves to hurt and not help. Let your vision of vibrant health, being sl... Read More
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With changes in labeling requirements, SPF values, UVA and UVB protection is still not clear. Many companies have products with SPF ratings over 50, which offer only negligible extra protection and don’t block UVA rays as well. The higher SPF may give a false sense of security and frequent, libera... Read More
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Getting forgetful and having difficulty with attention is a common complaint, especially in middle age. While many factors contribute to this, both men and women suffer from cognitive decline and memory lapses when they have low estrogen or testosterone hormones. Studies have indicated that the timi... Read More
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Nothing exudes vitality and vigor as a slim, strong, fit body. With all of the anti aging treatments, supplements, hormones and other modalities, exercise is the best prescription for overall health. Different types have various effects and I recommend a well-rounded program using the acronym BE... Read More
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Coconut water has become a popular beverage especially among athletes since it contains a lot of potassium almost as much as a banana. Bananas however spike your blood sugar. Coconut water does not have cholesterol or fat and has small amounts of protein and minerals. Don’t confuse this with cocon... Read More
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Hardened arteries, weak, brittle bones, cancer and heart disease are major contributors of aging. Research suggests that Vitamin K can have an impact of preventing or reversing these effects. Vitamin K, like other vitamins found in nature is really a group of compounds. The different forms or typ... Read More