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Testosterone declines by up to 2.6% per year beginning at age 40. Is yours declining? You may be able to tell if you have male menopause symptoms by using validated questionnaires. Yet, there is no substitute for measuring your actual levels. Two questionnaires, the Aging Male Symptoms (AMS) scale a... Read More
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With so many different diets out there all promising similar results, how do you know which are the best weight loss plans to follow? It would be near impossible for someone to try all of them to figure out which ones are the best, and thankfully you won’t have to. The team at US News and World... Read More
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What you eat affects how you look and feel, so an anti-aging diet full of the right foods can go a long way towards looking and feeling younger. There’s no exact formula for an anti-aging diet, but there are a number of foods known to provide the body with what it needs to age healthily. In thi... Read More
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Aging is inevitable but how you age is not. You can be 20 years older or 20 years younger than your chronological age. The difference lies in the choices you make. Healthy aging can be easy. Nothing shows your age more than being off balance, slow to react and slow to think. These things not only sh... Read More
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Feeling fat, fatigued, forgetful, foggy, slow and constipated? These are symptoms of an underactive thyroid. The health of your thyroid is affected by your diet. If you have these symptoms, following an underactive thyroid diet may heal your thyroid gland and prevent the need for thyroid hormones. ... Read More
Dr. Lorraine Maita MD, based out of Basking Ridge, NJ, is offering a fresh perspective on hormone replacement options for men and women, and would like to draw attention to recent studies comparing bioidentical hormones to synthetic. “Through comparing two hormone replacement options — bioide... Read More
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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after a hysterectomy is often offered to patients in order to compensate for the hormones that your body previously relied on your ovaries to produce. Before I go into detail about receiving HRT after a hysterectomy I’ll first discuss hysterectomies in general ... Read More
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As we get older, start to see our changing reflections in the mirror, and begin to feel as though we don’t have the energy we used to, it’s human nature to go in search of anti-aging solutions. Before I get into the anti-aging solutions, let’s first get to the causes of aging, so to speak. ... Read More
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Got PMS? Bloating, weight gain, mood swings, cramps, headaches, tension, anger, anxiety, irritability, cravings, increased appetite, tender breasts and fluid retention are hallmarks of premenstrual syndrome fondly known as PMS. These symptoms generally peak a week or two before your period and then ... Read More