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natural ways to balance hormones
Hormones are complicated, but they might also be the key to keeping you slim, sharp, sexy, and supercharged! If your hormone levels are unbalanced, finding natural ways to balance hormones that are out of whack might be the key to feeling like yourself again. When your hormones are unbalanced, it ca... Read More
progesterone therapy
Are you feeling fat, flabby, flaky, foggy, fatigued or forgetful, maybe even frumpy? Welcome to hormonal havoc. Women have very complex and interconnected systems that regulate hormones. There is no need to worry because a lot is under your control. While hormones control everything such as weight, ... Read More
executive health exam nj
An annual physical is a good way to determine if your health is on track. Since an annual physical or wellness exam is covered under the Affordable Care Act, it’s wise to know what is included in the coverage. Your policy or plan will dictate what is allowed. This will depend on your age and risk... Read More
executive health exams
Dr. Lorraine Maita MD, one of the top functional medicine doctors in NJ, is happy to announce she is moving her practice to a more central location in Summit in an effort to better serve her clients. The new location will opening on the first floor of 64 River Road, in Summit, NJ, on August 1st, 201... Read More
hormone imbalance in men
Have you ever heard the term “grumpy old men?” That’s how it feels and appears when there is a hormone imbalance in men. Men don’t get the dramatic signals that women do. You have to be on the lookout for symptoms of hormone imbalance in men so you can address it and be yourself again. Lo... Read More
hormone replacement therapy
Do you find that you’re waking up without the same energy and drive you used to have? Are your interests waning towards things you were once enthusiastic about? Low testosterone could be to blame, because testosterone and motivation are intrinsically linked. Testosterone and motivation are so ... Read More
how to stay looking young
When thinking about how to stay looking young, it’s not uncommon for your mind to wander off thinking about the various procedures available to help you look young artificially. Well I’m here to tell you how to stay looking young the natural way — yes it is possible! There are plenty of nat... Read More
how to feel younger
Do you want to decelerate the aging process? Aging can mean hardening of your arteries, high blood pressure, loss of memory, muscle and bone, as well as frailty and ailments. What if you have something that could delay and possibly reverse those? You do, it’s anti aging exercise. Beat bone, bal... Read More
preventive health care
Preventative health care is critical to having a long, healthy, and happy life. But there’s a big difference between preventative health care and health care that focuses on early detection. The difference lies in what the goal of the health care regime is. If the goal is to find illness before... Read More