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When people think of melatonin the first thing that comes to mind are its sleeping benefits. That’s true, melatonin plays a role in regulating our body’s internal clock, but melatonin and anti-aging also have a powerful connection. Extensive research has gone to show that melatonin has benefi... Read More
nj diet doctor
Can you lower cholesterol naturally? Of course you can, but you should be careful because not all cholesterol is bad. Specifically, you’ll want to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally by focusing on LDL (bad) cholesterol. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, LDL cho... Read More
too much estrogen
Do you feel anxious, angry, irritable, impatient, bloated, fat and short tempered? It could be too much estrogen! Estrogen is the hormone of energy and growth. It makes a woman a woman and it is essential to men for memory. Women get full breasts, curves and it is responsible for the uterine lini... Read More
anti aging skin care
Looking for the best anti aging skin care regime? The best anti aging skin care products are not necessarily what you put on your skin as what you put in your mouth. Oxidation and sun exposure cause  wrinkles, sun exposure and hormone imbalances cause age spots, smoking, toxins and hormone disrupto... Read More
is testosterone therapy safe
“Is testosterone therapy safe?” is a question I’m starting to hear more often in my office. There’s no doubt the rise in the pharmaceutical marketing of low T therapy has had a role to play — but ‘is testosterone therapy safe’ is a legitimate concern. The marketing you see for test... Read More
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You’re not sick but not well either. Your tests are normal, your doctor tells you that it’s all in your head, you are getting old or you are stressed. Can you relate to this? It’s not in your head, you may be Tox-Sick and it could be environmental toxins. In Suzanne Somers new book Tox-Sick... Read More
weight loss doctor nj
Why can’t you lose weight? Getting weight off and keeping it off tends to be a challenge for many people. Understanding your genetics and metabolism can help you choose among several weight loss options. Genetic pre disposition Genetics plays a role in weight gain, weight loss and weight los... Read More
is hcg diet safe
The first question everyone always has when they hear about the HCG diet is, “Is the HCG diet safe?” With the help of a calorie restricted diet, the HCG diet promises to help people lose up to several pounds a day. Considering the rapid weight loss promises of the HCG diet it is no wonder ... Read More
best anti aging supplements
Every day it seems like there’s a new company on the market claiming to offer the best anti-aging supplements. The truth is, the best anti-aging supplements have been available for decades — and they’re not the creams and masks that skincare companies will try to sell to you. The best an... Read More