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Spring is just around the corner, which means there's a whole host of factors that can contribute to the aging process. The greatest contributing factor to the aging process in spring is the increased exposure to the sun. The days get longer, and with better weather people are naturally spending... Read More
Pregnenalone Benefits NJ
Pregnenalone, is known as the mother hormone because it can be metabolized into several different types of hormones such as androgens, mineralcorticoids and progesterone. It has been widely studied in animals with impressive results. Pregnenolone benefits for men and women are numerous but not as we... Read More
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Weight loss can be a very tough and emotional experience. It can take time and patience and some people feel deprived for a long time before they reach their goal. What I like about the HCG diet success is that people lose weight faster, stay motivated and achieve a lot of other physical and emotion... Read More
hormone replacement therapy side effects nj
Hormone therapy for menopause can relieve problematic symptoms, according to the North American Menopause Society, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and The Endocrine Society. With that being said, those organizations believe that women should have all the facts about hormone therapy f... Read More
vegetarian weight loss plan
Of all the weight loss plans that exists, one of the healthiest is the vegetarian weight loss plan. Weight loss comes fairly easy when your plate is full of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and lentils. A plant based diet is the best for cancer prevention. However if you are sensitive to grains, ... Read More
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There are countless exotic anti aging vitamins on the market that make bold promises to reduce lines and prevent wrinkles; but all they will really succeed in removing is your hard-earned cash. Medical experts agree that even though antioxidants are contained in anti aging products, the products are... Read More
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PROVIDES INFORMATION TO EDUCATE AND EMPOWER LISTENERS SUMMIT, NJ – Summit functional medicine physician, Lorraine Maita, MD, board certified in Internal Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine and founder of How To Live Younger, has joined the we... Read More
hormone therapy and breast cancer
The question always arises: Is there a link between hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer? In some cases it can be answered and in other cases since it is not clear, there are no definitive answers in every case. BRACA The case is clear when it comes to anyone with the BRACA genes. Ther... Read More
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Dr. Lorraine Maita MD, of Summit, NJ, was recently quoted in a top health publication regarding how to prevent complications that may arise when supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Maita provides her expert opinion in the article: The 5 Vitamins And Minerals You Don’t Need To Take. “If... Read More