Healthy Aging Articles

DHEA, otherwise known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a readily available over the counter supplement that had been dubbed the fountain of youth hormone. It is the most abundant steroid hormone in your body and is used to make testosterone and estrogen. It is often confused with DHA (docosahexae... Read More
Studies have shown that a multivitamin prevents cancer. Yet, there were other studies that showed Vitamin E did not prevent prostate cancer and Vitamin A increased mortality. When looking at any study, it is important to determine the population that was studied as well as the dose and form of th... Read More
Men's hormones go through fluctuations at different stages of life. Just think of a teenage boy when testosterone is ramping up and their minds and bodies are not accustomed to their effects. The surges are erratic and can result in feelings of being powerful and confident and performing actions... Read More
HCG for Weight Loss: Choose to Be Fit For anyone out there struggling to lose weight, there is hope and help. The HCG diet has been controversial because it has been delivered using drops that don't raise the level of HCG as well as people who are not well versed in understanding metabolism or t... Read More
Recent studies indicated that fish oil does not prevent heart attacks so why take it? The study was done on people who already had a heart attack and the dose they used was very small. They also used an esterified form of fish oil that is not as stable or well absorbed. One or two fish oil capsules... Read More
From PMS to Peri menopause to menopause, hormone fluctuations can take women on a wild ride. Women who cycle can be on this ride for a long time. They may have brief interludes during pregnancy and/or in their 20's and early 30's. Cycling women complain of many symptoms. PMS occurs when hormones ... Read More
If your vitamin D levels are still low despite taking supplements, you may be taking your vitamins at the wrong time. Since Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is best absorbed when taking it with food that has fat in it. A study by the Cleveland Clinic Bone Foundation Bone clinic found that tho... Read More
There is still no cure for the common cold and the flu virus changes it’s coat yearly. While the flu vaccine has a high rate of protection, the virus can sometimes change and be unpredictable. The flu is not only debilitating, leaving you bedridden for days with pain and fever and coughing for wee... Read More
Laughter What releases tension, shifts energy and mood, balances your hormones and feels oh, so good? A good belly laugh! Now there are all forms of laughter therapy such as laughter yoga, laugh tracks, simulated laughter, and all forms of humor from clowns to videos. Norman Cousins in Anatomy of ... Read More